14 December, 2010

Tyred and Confused - Day 27

Odo 630

I've been trying to figure out what tyres to fit to the DS. It's got a knobbie front and an adventure bike rear. I would like them to match. The adventure tyre steps out on the dirt, while the front is scary on the tar. What makes it more scary is that the fly by wire throttle control softens the delivery of power. If the front slides then snapping open the throttle should (can often) save it. The firmware has been written to prevent “jerky” response. It does that very well, but makes it pretty much impossible to save a front slide. (or wheelstand)

I've been searching the net for tyre ideas but I couldn't figure it out. I'd really like to get two adventure tyres but I've been defeated by the odd sizes. Not just odd tyre sizes standard, but unusual rim widths.

In desperation I went to the bike shop today to ask an expert. We spent an hour pouring over the books from the tyre distributors and measuring the bike to no avail. In the end we gave up. I'll tackle it again when I have some more energy.

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