10 December, 2010

Sincere flattery – Day 23

Odo 574

You may have read my post "The Agony of Crap". I go on about a few nice things and a few crappy things on the DS.  It's by far my most viewed post with 3 times the views of the next most popular post.

Check out this article.

Not a single review has ever mentioned the mix of great and sad parts on the DS but just a few days after my post motorcycle.com noticed all the same things. Even noticing the rear brake caliper on the wrong side of the bike. Something that apparently the factory didn't notice 'till the keen eyed correspondent from Motorcyclist.com picked it up.  It's a pity that he picked up the blunder after the bike had gone back to Zero and so wasn't able to shoot any close up photos of the brake caliper showing what was wrong. 

Here's the photo they had of the whole back of the bike:  

Their caption says "Note the bleeder valve".  Can you see the bleed valve in that photo?  If you're having trouble I've blown it up a bit and circled it:

Compare that with my photo

I'm sure that had the story had been simply lifted from the blogosphere the source would have rated a mention.  No attribution though so it appears that it's a case of extraordinary coincidence.  No really, I think it must be.  So few people read this blog, it's so low on any search engine lists, I don't know how the author could have ever come across my posting.


  1. I think you may be underestimating the GLOBAL reach of your blog, Jason. Captains of industry wait for every day's post. And frankly, I think it's very possible that, even if he didn't read your post about the bleeder valve, he heard about the placement issue based on the chatter that resulted from your post. Seriously. Your power is immense. Wield it carefully.

    Okay, maybe not "immense"...

  2. You posted your blog on Electric Motorcycle Forum. No doubt the author checked some forums and did some "zero sucks" googling. Your the man and no, don't assume MO would cite you. Harry and I are watching, what more could you want? ;)

  3. Actually just having you and Harry watching is far more than I could have imagined possible. I really thought that I was writing an online diary and no-one would ever read it. I'm going to keep going and try to keep it interesting.