03 December, 2010

Cafe Racing - Day 16

Odo 450

Day off today, so just popped into town to do some banking (fix up my credit card that was looking rather sad after putting a motorcycle on it) and go for coffee with my partner. She drove in from work and we met there. From the bank to the coffee shop I rode and she drove. I got there (about 4 blocks) so much ahead that the coffees were waiting when she arrived. This really is the bike for urban riding. It's as well suited to that environment as the KTM is to the deep bush. I've never ridden anything that seems so at home in dense traffic. The bars could be a bit shorter if you're going to ride in a real city environment, but for a busy country town full of tourists, pensioners and cockies this setup is perfect.

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  1. Yes, getting the car through the Friday afternoon traffic was a bit of a nightmare...(how long do people really have to stop the flow of traffic while they wait for someone to pack the groceries, belt the kids in, put on some lippy and then vacate a parking space)...anyway, the coffee and cake were lovely..and you got to park your bike right next to the cafe so you could watch it the whole time...oh you forgot to tell your readers how I had to stand guard over the bike while you were in the bank...and yes, I was prepared to put my body on the line and get between the reversing car and the bike..afterall broken bones can heal :)...my god, you are lucky to have me xx