09 December, 2010

Jason has no friends – Day 22

Odo 574

This morning I went out trail riding to take some photos. First I had to pop into town and buy a remote shutter release. Then after trail riding I went round to a friends to play some computer games. So 50 km of varied riding but because I topped off the charge after each short trip I never got below 3/4 charge.

The bike was easy to clean after trail riding. Because nothing gets hot, the mud doesn't bake on and it just washes off with a hose. Very nice.

I got the feeling that it was a new kind of trail riding. Every time I've been trail riding before the goal seemed to be to rip it up. Get the thing sideways and go for it. The electric prompted a far more relaxed journey through the countryside. More like the cruising that those other American Iron (as opposed to American ion) bikes are supposed to be good for. I've never done any road “cruising”. Just soaking it all up as you roll along. I'm a bit more of a sports bike kinda guy. But that's how it feels. The KTM doesn't want to go slow. It wants to rip and wheelstand and slide around. The Zero just feels like it wants to get you where you want to go with the minimum of fuss.

I kept stopping and taking tripod photos. I taped the release to the left bar as my left hand didn't have much else to do. 

Lots of photos with me half out of the frame, but perhaps some good ones.  Haven't had time to look through them all.  It was just under 30c and I was melting in the heat.  The fan seemed to come on if I rode below 10 km/h but above that it was fine.

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