16 December, 2010

Cafe race rematch – Day 29

Odo 670

Yesterday I didn't get out on the bike in the afternoon. It was simply too hot. I had some running around to do but ended up in the Dinoburner with the airconditioning on full blast. I've got some new riding gear on order that should be cooler but I nearly passed out in my normal riding gear.

The Dinoburner was nearly empty, having not filled it since I brought the DS back up from the dealers on the trailer nearly a month ago. I filled it in the evening and it took 70 dollars. Record fill up cost so far. USD and AUD are almost the same at the moment. Fuel was 1.35 a litre so for our American cousins, that's 5.10 per gallon. That was for the low octane stuff. Lucky it was so cheap, it's been up over 1.50 a litre. 50 of those fills will pay for a new battery for the DS.

Today I had an early start at work. It was a bit cooler in the morning and I'm sure the neighbours were happy about the quiet bike being used (well oblivious actually). So I had an early finish as well. My girl suggested lunch together. We're at different sites but linked by instant messaging because we have the same employer. We downed tools at the same time and headed for the cafe. I thought she'd beat me hands down, helmet, gloves, jacket, unplug and coil the cord. No way I'd get there before her. Well I was far enough ahead that had they not ignored me for 10 minutes the coffees would have been cold by the time she arrived. I parked it where I could see it but it was on a quiet side street. I still had two people come over and ask questions and even more stopped and knelt down for a closer look.

I keep talking about the cost, but the real reason for this bike is that it is fun. Not just because it's cool and lots of people want to talk about it. I just really like riding it. I've ridden a lot of bikes that are more powerful and lighter but this bike just makes me happy. Some people say it doesn't have a soul. Well I don't think I have a soul myself, but it sure has character.


  1. 'i have to go put petrol in the dinoburner'...hmmm...love it when you talk nerdy

  2. I'm jealous. It's freezing and damp here, and we have a long winter ahead of us. I remember a day last summer when the thermometer on my dashboard read "106 degrees" (F, of course... that's about 41 C). I was fine when I was moving, but the stop lights were painful. I have a Fieldsheer mesh jacket.

    Regarding the "coiling of the cord," I don't know how the Zero is set up, but on my Brammo, I can leave just the plug end sticking out from under the seat and I have an extension cord waiting for me at home (I don't need to charge at work). Is that something you could do?

  3. The bike has a C14 connector, so any C13 cord will plug into it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEC_connector#C13_and_C14_connectors

    There's no cord storage as such but one of the frame parts is perfect for stuffing a cord into and that seems to be where most people keep one. I have a cord for work that's been tested and tagged as safe that I have to coil up. At home there's just one lying on the ground ready to plug in. So basically it's set up all the time the way you've got yours.