06 August, 2015

Not quite the end of the line.

I'm a bit on the slack side. I've not updated this blog for a very long time. I did lose the password for a while. As well nothing was happening with the bike and there's just so many posts you can put up that say "nothing happening".

Some time after I stopped updating the bike stopped moving. It was still in warranty and I should have got on to it straight away but there were other things happening in my life that were taking up all my energy. So the bike got parked and I didn't even look at it for months. 

Eventually I did some diagnosis and it appears that there is 50+ volts at the motor terminals when you twist the throttle but the motor doesn't turn. My limited understanding of the Agni motors leads me to believe that the brushes have stopped sliding in their mounts and so the power isn't getting to the workings of the motor. I think that might be related to my having ridden it in deep sand rather a lot, but I don't know. The next step was to pull the swing arm off, remove the motor and have a good old look. Instead I gave the whole bike to my brother who is A) very clever, B) mad for fixing electronics and electrical things, C) currently without a motorcycle.  

So the Zero isn't dead, it's just resting until he breathes life into it again. He has all sorts of ideas for hotting it up, but I've suggested he get it working first and see if it even needs hotting up. We'll see what happens.