11 December, 2010

Boy check out the Figures on that one - Day 24

Od 574

On one of the fora that I follow someone said that these electric bikes are low on maintenance but that the batteries are very expensive. It's an issue well worth addressing

I've got 3 vehicles, a Suzuki Grand Vitara, a KTM 200 EXC and a Zero DS.

Now the Zero battery was initially said to last 8-10 years. Then over 5 years. Then about 5 years, now we're hearing 3-4 years. 3-4 sounds about right and what I was expecting given the chemistry of the batteries used.

So here are the total costs to cover 6 years worth of travel at the same rate I've been using the DS so far. (47000 km or 1880 hours of operation). I'll take the new vehicle prices on road for each, 14000 for the DS, 11000 for the KTM, 32000 for the Grand Vitara. I'm assuming that the motorcycles have zero residual value while the car has retained 9000. Service as per the book. Fuel at 1.45/litre for the bike, 1.35/litre for the car and 23c/kWh for the DS. Tyre life estimated based on the actual use I've got from tyres on these vehicles as I've used them. Rego and insurance ignored.

Grand Vitara 34870
KTM 200 64200
Zero DS 20520

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