18 November, 2011

One Year - Day 365

Odo about 2354

Well it's a year and I should say “what an eventful year it's been” except it hasn't really. The “revolution” of riding electric hasn't been all that revolutionary really. It's been more like owning a really cool appliance than a motorcycle. Little has gone wrong, (more on that in a second) and it's caused me no angst to speak of.

There has been one “failure”. There's a loose connection between the wheel speed sensor and the speedo. Since last Friday I have to jiggle the cable a bit to get a speed reading (that's why it's “about” 2354 km). You can't really blame that on being an “electric” bike. It's got nothing to do with the fact it's electric powered. The speedo on my KTM failed at 8315.5 km and hasn't moved since... So it's not a failure that's unique to electrics by any stretch of the imagination. I might see if Zero can come up with a replacement cable or I might not. I don't really care if it works.

So that's it. A full year of living with an electric bike. Bit dull really. It's just nice to ride, makes me happy and gives me more spare time to do the things I like doing rather than doing motorcycle maintenance (which I hate, I'd rather mow lawns or go to work or clean the bathroom.)

07 November, 2011

Ciao Marco

I've discovered another thing the electric is no good for that the haters can add to their list.  It makes no noise so it was useless for the Ciao Marco.   At 10:30 everywhere in the world, bike riders reved their bikes for 58 seconds to honour Marco Simoncelli.  Glad I still have the KTM, I'm sure they heard it in Valencia.