05 December, 2010

Alms, alms for the discharged – Day 18

Odo 464

Observant readers will notice no post yesterday. Didn't ride yesterday. Instead I did other stuff and got driven around in she-who-must-be-obeyed's car. I did send begging letters to the local shopping centres' managements asking if I could recharge on their outdoor points. Results as they come in. I wrote to the local council asking what they were doing about EV charging a couple of weeks ago [insert sound of crickets].

Today I got a strange call from someone who sounded like a strung out heroin addict telling me that I owed the local video store 50 bucks in late fees from a 3 week late disc. I don't belong to any video stores and my DVD hasn't worked for a year.

So I rode down to the store where they had no idea what it was all about. I guess some strung out heroin addict was trying to scam me. So the Zero got me into town when I needed it and sorted out my problems.

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