07 December, 2010

He shall give his angels charge but not railway commuters - Day 20

Odo 513

Still no response from the Transport Construction Authority. So I've written to them.

Hi there,

Reading your Sustainable Design Guidelines, october 09 version 1.0


Section 6.12 Preferential parking for fuel efficient vehicles
Section 6.14 Electric Car charging in the future
Section 6.15 Electric Car charging now.

Just wondering if you can tell me a few things about how those goals have been met.
How many of the 5456 new car spaces mentioned on the TCA website under the Commuter Car Park and Interchange Program have been set aside for fuel efficient vehicles?
How many of the new and refurbished car parks have reticulation installed for future installation of electric vehicle charge points and what the capacity of that reticulation is?
How many charge points have been installed for electric vehicle recharging?
Where those electric vehicle charge points are located?

Many thanks in advance.

Cheers Jason

So why don't you write to them too and ask them.

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