02 December, 2010

I do go on a bit – Day 15

Odo 435

Just rode to work and back today so little to report. There was a emergency peanut butter sandwich dash to my girl's work as she was stuck in back to back meetings all day.

I would still like a workshop manual however I did stumble upon these:

Which is the product page for the onboard charger. Very interesting reading.

Which is the workshop manual for the motor used on the Zero. I really like this manual. I've not tried it out yet but it seems to hold a wealth of detailed information. I particularly like the “not this way” photos that include a post-it note with a big cross. Among the other highlights is a warning, not “personal injury may result” or any such rubbish. Rather it says: “...otherwise there's a danger of trapping your fingers!” It even includes tips on making parts from tin cans and how to tell a good tin can from a bad one. It feels very like spending a long time with a guy who's been doing something for a much longer time. Someone who's worked out all the pitfalls themselves, who has trained a lot of apprentices and who is prepared to pass that knowledge on to a new generation. I love it.

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