24 November, 2010

Still not much happening - Day 7

Odo 205

Looks like it might be a dull old blog, the bike just keeps churning away, getting me where I want to go with no issues at all.

I didn't give quite the full story about charging at work. There were a couple of email exchanges, one of which included that there had been a previous similar request that had been refused at a nearby company site. So just on the off chance, I emailed Doug and asked him for the name of the fellow electric motorcyclist. Perhaps we could go for a ride together? No, apparently the other person who's request had been refused, thereby setting a precedent was actually Doug getting “confused”. He said that he'd thought I was at the other site, so he was thinking of me when he was telling me that he'd already refused my earlier request.
No, that doesn't make any sense to me either. Perhaps you, the reader, can figure out what Doug meant by that. Answers on the back of the envelope that you sent to yourself last week.

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