18 November, 2010

The slowest bike on earth - end of day 1

Odo 75

Well it's the end of day one, I've now had the bike for 24 hours.  I picked it up with 30 km on the odo and now it's at 75 so I've covered 45 km.  I have no doubt that this is the slowest bike on earth.  In order to cover those 45 km I have spent no less than 3 hours talking to random strangers about the bike, and a few minutes riding.  That means it is averaging less than 15 km/h. 

I just can't believe the level of interest in this bike.  People are stopping me in the street.  Someone emailed me at work to tell me that they'd seen this amazing bike at the lights.  Co-workers are standing around my desk on their breaks.  I got no lunch today. 

I don't know how much longer I can keep this up!  I'll be needing brochures at this rate!

There's a few raised eyebrows when I tell them the price, but when I explain the normal costs associated with motorcycles and the fact that it needs no oil changes, no services, no filters, no air cleaners...  Well everyone gets it completely. 

If you want to meet people, get this bike!

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