30 November, 2010

Braking News – Day 13

Odo 412

The brake fluid arrived today, 3 days ahead of the promised time. I also popped out and picked up some fishtank airline and fittings from the pet shop and a couple of big syringes from the vet. I think I've got enough stuff to build a good vacuum brake bleeder. So that's a task for tomorrow.

I also got an LED tail and parking light bulb. www.ledshoponline.com part number 0077 and 2260 Tomorrow I'll fit them and see how they go. Of course I'll let both my readers know tomorrow evening. 40.50 dollars with postage.

Didn't ride to work today as the heavens opened just as I was wheeling the bike out. I could have dragged on wet weather gear, but instead I drove. Still did a lot of tootling around in the morning though.

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