23 November, 2010

Not much happening today - day 6

Odo 194

Just rode to work. Not much happened. As I noted in my earlier post I'm not longer allowed to charge at work, so this was my first day of no topup charges during the day. It's 10 km round trip. Today I was late for work, so I rode as fast as I thought I could get away with and no gentle starts. Throttle as a switch.

During the day I couldn't get in touch with my partner. She'd been asleep when I left home and I started to worry. So I asked if I could pop home. So flat out ride home, (she was ok) flat out ride back to work. So 15 km ridden like a pizza delivery rider. (which I was in a former life). Then I decided to nip home for lunch. It's a close run thing if I can fit in going home in my half hour break, so flat out home and flat out back again. Now it's 25 km flat out. The battery light was blinking a bit but it recovered ok. Then a gentle ride home (still 60-75 km/h). So 30 km of pretty hard riding. Put it on charge and got changed, but then popped out again to show the bike to a friend. Demonstrated some more fast riding for him. So it's ended up with adding nearly 50 km to the odo on 20 minutes charge and there is still some charge left.

I also got a call from the magazine guy that I mentioned yesterday. We're going to do some photos next week and I'll link to the magazine when I have some more details.

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I'm really enjoying your blog. I have an electric motorcycle, too (Brammo Enertia) and have had some difficulties with the whole "charging at work" issue. I work for the US Government and even though they hold themselves out as "green" champions, when it gets to the actual reality of an employee plugging something into the wall, they get all, "but then EVERYONE will want to charge at work." I think I'm the only person in this building who currently owns anything that could be plugged in and charged.

    Keep up the blogging!