17 November, 2010

I've got it!

I'm so totally stoked!  I've picked up the bike at last.

First impression...  Mixed, it seems fast, but the speedo is telling me that it's struggling to get to 60 km/h before the end of the block.  Then I realise that the speedo is still switched to mph, so it's struggling to get to 100 km/h before the end of the block!  Hmm, nothing like riding at twice the speed limit 100 m after getting on the bike for the first time.

The launch seems very mild but I think that might be something to tame the jerkeyness that the early versions were said to exhibit.   Wheelstands may be difficult/impossible.  Might make it unusable in the bush.  Actually I think it is unusable in the bush.  It seems to be a road bike with off road styling.  Maybe an unsealed road bike.  No bash plate, just plastic.  Suspension is very stiffly sprung.  Might make a supercrosser but it's far too hard for trail riding.  Funny as I usually go for stiffer springs on everything I ride.  The tyres (well the front anyway) look off road but they're not.  The knobs are short and the tyre is very stiff too.  It's really a road tyre feeling thing but with little knobs to give it that dirt vibe. 

The build quality is outstanding.  You could just stare at it for hours.  Photos just don't do it justice.  It's the most lovely bike I've ever seen and abounds with details and careful thought.

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