20 November, 2010

Going Nowhere end of day 3

Odo 95

No riding today.  Popped down to Newcastle to see my daughter and take her ice skating.  She's as natural an athlete as I am I'm afraid.  Poor girl.  Fell over backwards twice and then was too sore to continue.  As I went down and back with my partner Lynne and we had to ferry around child while there the bike was out of the question even if it had 600 km range (which of course it doesn't).

Put 95 dollars worth of petrol in the Dinoburner.  At off peak rates that would have bought me 1000 kWh.  Enough for 250 charges or 25 000 km travel on the bike.  Even at peak rate it is still enough for 10 000 km. 

If only it had 5 seats and was rain proof. 

Still when we got back we decided to go out for dinner.  Could have rung to book but I went out on the bike.  10 minutes there and back, cost less than a phone call and a lot more fun.    No time spent warming it up. No petrol smell in the house.  Would have been quicker but I got held up by a car that I couldn't pass due to all the chicanes.  I ride through them at 60 km/h, the cars do 10.

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