11 January, 2011

Ninja Rider – Day 55

Odo 783

Haven't been riding much. It's been a time for family and friends so I've been driving them around in the Dinoburner.

As well it's been hot. Not super hot, but quite unpleasantly hot. I don't ride without some sort of protection and since I haven't commuted by bike for quite some time I had three options drafted from my other motorcycling activities. Full dirtbike gear, which made me look like I'd taken a wrong turn just before the start gate, one piece road race leathers, that made me look like I'd taken a wrong turn at the end of the main straight and touring clobber that made me look like I'd taken a wrong turn in the Hindu Kush.

I really didn't know what else to wear as there's very little on the market for commuters in tropic (well sub tropic) climes. Christmas came to the rescue as we were shopping for a chrissy present for the oldest boy and settled on a pair of Dragin Jeans brand kevlar lined pants. I got on their website http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/k-shirt and stumbled upon their “K” line of clothes. K-shirt, K-gloves and K-pants. Perfect for me! They were a bit eye wateringly expensive. The gloves were ok at 35 dollars but the pants and shirt were over 200 each. They're 100% knitted kevlar. I would have thought they'd be kevlar yellow but they're black and when I put the whole lot on I look like a Ninja. (well in my mind I do anyway). Getting a bit of reality, I think actually it looks like the tracksuit fairy has visited.  I think you're supposed to wear street clothes over them, but it's too hot for that.  My street clothes are shorts and tee shirt.  I can't imagine what a sight I'd be wearing shorts over track pants.

It's fantastic to ride in. Very strange experience to feel the wind flowing over you. So much cooler than either the leathers or the heavy touring jacket.

I'm back at work now and I'm wearing the shirt and gloves to work. Worn that way the shirt looks like a rather nice long sleeve pullover/jumper.

I don't know what they're like when you're sliding down the road and I hope that I don't find out either. Still they should be a lot better than nothing and they're better than passing out from the heat while riding.

Bike continues to run perfectly.

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