19 January, 2011

20/20 Hindsight – Day 63

Odo 884

I've got the new riding gear as I mentioned before. One of the side effects is that without the bulky jacket I can now see past my arms.

It's meant that I'm now using the mirrors. Unlike every other motorcycle I've ever had, I can actually see things in the mirrors. It's great. A completely clear view of what's happening behind me without turning 'round or looking under my arm.

It's only a little thing but it just makes the bike so much more pleasant to ride than anything else. Even if it cost more for a battery bike (which it might, I'm still not sure), I'd be happy to pay the extra. I couldn't see myself ever going back to petrol except in the most niche situations.


  1. I had to install bar-end mirrors on my bike, Jason. Actually, just on the left side. It made a world of difference to me.

  2. I've been considering bar ends. I normally fit them to bikes, but I'm leaving it stock for the moment for a magazine test.

  3. hi Jason, how are you going with the chain - in terms of noise it makes and tension required ?
    I am about to get a Zero if we get the deal right. yeah - and are you happy with your dealer ? I gather you got it in Sydney - right ?

  4. Hi,

    Chain seems fine so far. I can hear it but the noisiest thing seems to be the bearing seals that squeak at very low speed. The chain is a non o-ring and I've seen people give zero a hard time about that but it's the right choice. O-ring chains have more drag. Not all non o-ring chains are low quality. Racers use non o-ring chains for the extra power. So they tend to be either very high end or very low end chain.

    I don't think I'll name the dealer. Their only ivolvement was the legal requirement for a dealer to deliver the bike. They knew less than nothing about the bike, happily dispensing incorrect advice. Yes they actually had a negative value for the level of their total knowledge of the product.