21 January, 2011

15 Minutes of Fame - Day 65

Odo 899

Today was the day. I've been hanging out for the magazine shoot. I didn't feel like the bike was really mine. I needed to keep it standard (and clean!) but I'm a bit of a fiddler. Tom from Trail Bike Adventure Magazine turned up http://www.tbam.com.au/blog and turned out to be the nicest guy. Very rushed but so willing to put himself out to explain just what was going on and the background of what he was doing.

I wheeled out the bike for him while he got his riding gear so he could take it for a quick street ride. Normally I never move a bike without shoes, but of course with all the excitement I did...

Wow that meaty sidestand makes a mess of your foot if you run it through the side. The boss reckons I'm bunging it on again, but it's bloody sore. I don't think I broke any bones because it doesn't flex funny, but it sure feels like I have. I asked if we had any bandages (as I wanted to strap it up before I put it in a boot). “Don't waste a bandage! Put a bloody bandaid on it!”

So 4 bandaids put it back together, I slipped on my riding gear and we were off.

I took him to the local mountainbike track. A little naughty but it was close, it was interesting and it was compact making the shoot easier.

Much photography was committed and then he took it for a ride.

Instant convert.

He must have ridden thousands of different motorcycles but that wide eyed enthusiasm is normally reserved for people on their first ever ride. I'm waiting for the article but the first impression I got from watching him get off the bike was bubbling joy. It's what I've been saying about these electric thingos. Nothing you read and no amount of research (and he's done a lot of both) prepares you for the reality of how damn nice these things are to ride. I'm really hoping that an experienced journo can put that joy, that he so clearly felt, down in words. I've tried but I know I've failed.

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