04 May, 2011

1000 Miles – Day 168

Odo 1603

Nothing to report at all. Bike continues to run and make my life nicer, I just thought I should mark the first thousand miles. It's taken a long time to get to here, I've passed 1000 miles in the first week of ownership of many of my previous bikes. Still, my life is different now to how it was then and I wouldn't have actually used a petrol bike anywhere near as much as the electric. In fact I've got two petrol bikes and neither has turned a wheel since the electric came on the scene. The KTM is waiting on me to get a bit fitter and the weather to cool down a bit. The honda isn't even registered at the moment. I used to live at the top of a hill and it was ok but since I moved somewhere flat it's a complete pain to use. It has a vacuum operated fuel tap and if you don't ride it for a couple of days it takes about 200 kicks to bring the fuel down and start it. It never bothered me when I could just put it in second and roll down the hill. It would always start before I got to the bottom.

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