06 April, 2011

I'm really not tyred – Day 140

Odo 1441

Well I rang the dealer as suggested by Phil. I explained that I'd bought a Zero DS from them recently and I'd been told by the distributor that they'd fitted a different front tyre for another customer.

Yeah mate, bring it in and we'll find something”

So, do you know what you'll fit to it?”

Mate, just come in and pick something you like”

“I'm wondering what you've got that will fit, thing is it's 500 km round trip for me to come in”

Mate... I'd have to go upstairs and look..........”

I considered swearing at him but instead I just hung up and wrote a letter of complaint to the distributor.


  1. I hate to mention this, but compare your situation with mine - I live in the middle of the US and the closest Brammo tech is in California. I turned the bike on the other day and got a fault code on the dashboard. Sent an email, followed some directions and still no progress. The Brammo tech is flying out to visit me tomorrow.

  2. Well if Brammo starts to sell in Australia then I think I'll be trading in. However getting a bike through the mountain of paperwork is something that even the Japanese builders often baulk at. I'd lace new rims on but there is very little clearance on the rear and normal size wheels simply won't fit... The other option I have is to go and live in the US for 12 months with a registered Brammo. Then I can arrange for a personal import. Hmmm, that might not be such a bad idea!

    Still, on the other hand I can buy tyres (if I can figure out the size and if they weren't so unpleasant to deal with) at the place I bought the bike. I don't think the electronics stores that sell Brammos will have that kind of stuff. That's a pretty weak argument really.