07 November, 2011

Ciao Marco

I've discovered another thing the electric is no good for that the haters can add to their list.  It makes no noise so it was useless for the Ciao Marco.   At 10:30 everywhere in the world, bike riders reved their bikes for 58 seconds to honour Marco Simoncelli.  Glad I still have the KTM, I'm sure they heard it in Valencia.


  1. What do you think about the new Zero-S?


  2. I got out the harley and then rode my new Zero 2011 (as new as it gets here) screaming

  3. Good to see (hear) Manlytom!

    I'm kinda liking the new Zero S, the 3000 cycle battery sounds great but the Zero X is what makes my heart beat fast. 97 kg or 213 pounds ready to roll while being completely road registerable. I think I'm in love.