28 October, 2010

Heard from Phil and from Jeff

Seems that Zero is a first names sort of a place.  That suits me.

I sent a query to Zero via their website saying I've bought a DS and asking what sort of generator I needed to charge the it with.  Very quickly I got a reply from Jeff advising me that they're arranging demo rides in my area...  Hmmmm  I emailed him back saying "hey, I already bought one, but I had a tech enq".  So he asked me what the enqiry was.  So I emailed him back, and asked (again) do I need a pure sine wave inverter generator or a normal one, and how big it needs to be?  Also would it be ok to leave it connected to Off Peak electricity that comes on for 8 hours every night? Silence... 

On the plus side I got a phone call from Phil just to let me know that the ship with my bike on it docks tomorrow.  (Saturday) but there will be no movement for four days as Monday and Tuesday are both public holidays.

Still it's all running according to plan and if nothing goes wrong with ADR compliance then I should be taking delivery in 3 weeks. 

I'm beside myself!

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